Vlogging Camera HQ, like most websites, collects demographic information, such as language, country, and browser type, from visitors in order to gauge how many people, and what kind of people, visit our website. We then use this information to tailor the website to match users’ specific needs. The service we use to record this data is called Google Analytics. Vlogging Camera HQ also uses Google Adsense, which collections information to show you tailored advertisements.

Vlogging Camera HQ collects this information from you via cookies. This is a small text file that your browser automatically downloads when you visit our website. It does not gather your personal details, or attempt to send us your personal details. If you would prefer not to have general information regarding your location, etc. collected, most browsers allow you to block cookies.

On Google Chrome, you can do this by clicking on settings, then advanced settings, then, under Privacy, click Content settings. Under Cookies, click Block sites from setting any data. Other browsers offer similar functionality to allow you to block cookies.